About Us

Insight started as a side job that became a full time job which turned into a passion. We want to be there for the customer. We want to be accountable for the work we perform. We want to make the experience easy, and pleasant. We officially announced our opening in 2010 We began with our own neighbors of Bountiful, Utah. We really enjoy the gratification of cleaning windows. We believe that it is a necessity of home maintenance. Our primary goal is to bring consistency, accountability, and ease of use to the industry. We want having your windows cleaned to be an easy, and enjoyable experience.

Insight Window Cleaning is owned and operated by Erik Reid. He saw a need in the window cleaning industry for a legitimate business, that is licensed, insured, and pays its taxes. He wanted to take it beyond a guy in his truck that might disappear and you might not ever see again; to a reliable, trustworthy, organized company that will be around for as long as you need them. He supplemented his background in business administration by adding his cousins 20+ years of window cleaning experience and started Insight Window Cleaning in 2010.

Erik Reid